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Hey Creators,

    Welcome to the first and hopefully ONLY at Home Short Film Contest. We at BigFooters know that this time we all are going through is extremely chaotic and tense. Even though times are rough let’s focus on the positives. Let’s remember that nothing can stop us from being creative. This is why we came up with the at Home Short Film Contest.


    Let’s see how creative we can get in overcoming our limitations. Film on your smartphone, DSLR or even that old digital camera from 2008 that you found under your bed last month. All filming equipment must be in your own household, no picking up or borrowing equipment. Get creative with the items in your house/apartment. Come up with an idea that could potentially spark bigger ideas for when we get out of this mess. All you need is the mindset that NOTHING will hold you back from being creative….at home, of course!  



Additional info:

We have partnered with The Good Nite Bar in

North Hollywood to screen all selected films. A screener date will come after the 2020 quarantine has been lifted. 


Rules & Guidelines:

1- You must follow the guidelines for HOME QUARANTINE. Stay home except to get essential items. All filming equipment must be in your own household. NO PICKING UP or BORROWING equipment. Do not film at work, school, or public areas for any reason. Anyone crew participating in the short must live in the same household. STAY AT HOME to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

2- Your film must be 1- 5 minutes, any film that exceeds 5 minutes will not be considered for selection. Any genre will be considered for acceptance. (animation, comedy, drama, documentary, etc). All films must have been made during April 13- April 24. All films must have English subtitles if not in English. 

3- Films must be sent through Dropbox to If selected your film will showcase on BigFooters’ website and social media platforms. Selected films are not published online without submitters’ permission (except publicly released films). Please have  an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with information regarding your film, synopsis, director bio, (if you have) art work, etc ready upon request.

4- All footage, audio, music, must be your own work. Any copyright violations will automatically be disqualified. Social media platform entries such as tiktok, instagram, etc, will NOT BE ACCEPTEDNo nudity allowed.

5- Finally, have fun while respecting and following Rule #1

Deadline Dates: 

April 13 / Entry opens  

Films must be sent through Dropbox to

April 24  /  Entry ends 

April 27- 30  / Social Media votes will take place from 

May 1 / Winners in all categories will be announced 



Winners in each category will receive a special gift from

BigFooters following the end of the quarantine.

Best Film / Best Director / Best Actor 

Best Editing / Best Cinematography / Most social media votes



By submitting your short film, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms:

1. You have all intellectual property rights to all content in the submission and you have the performing rights for any music contained in the film.

2. If requested you will provide evidence of intellectual property ownership should it be required.

3. You agree to allow BIGFOOTERS and its related bodies corporate, successors, licensees and assignees to use your film and any associated photos or extracts in the at Home Short Film Contest and or any associated running or adventure programming in any digital format including cinema projection, streaming compilations, anywhere in the world in perpetuity. Films may be shown at multiple screenings. Segments of the films may be used in trailers and marketing. Photographs, screen grabs or filmmaker submitted images may be used in promotional material and social media. 

4. The short film submitted is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation.

5. You are duly authorized to submit this film to the festival and its competition.

6. You understand that BIGFOOTERS is not responsible for any type of loss or damage to you pertaining to the film or its use by BIGFOOTERS.

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