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Hoodlin Art Contest.png

Join the hostile take-over by participating

in the year-round Hoodlin art contest!


This contest is open to everyone, no matter your experience, skill level, age, or location.

The Hoodlins are looking for originality and creativity in each submission. Try to capture their essence of mischief, silliness, and destruction. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, you have a chance to win!

IMG_0260 copy 2.jpg

Depending on the month, winners will either receive free merchandise from the Hoodlin Mania website,

or cash prizes up to $100.

You can submit any medium of art including drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital art, photography, or even animation!


All submissions must be original and must include elements that represent the Hoodlins.

To enter the contest, upload your piece to your favorite social media platform, such as Instagram, Twitter, or tiktok. Make sure to tag @HoodlinMania and use the hashtags #Hoodlin and #TheHoodlins.


Major tip: Give your Hoodlin a name. For example, Terry the Hoodlin or Liam the Hoodlin. Their first name can be whatever, but their last name must end with Hoodlin! You can upload as many pieces as you wish!

The Hoodlins will be looking forward to what you come up with! Good luck and we hope you enjoy this is a hostile takeover!

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