The purpose of the Original Content Networking Events initiative is to bring together large variety of talents of all levels to connect, and collectively find the best ways to collaborate, progress, produce, promote our entertainment projects, and support one another. The series of events will grant talents opportunities to meet, interact, brainstorm, create, and inspire new collaborations; while simultaneously creating opportunities for the young professionals in the field to meet, hear from and work with experienced professionals, thus leading to future collaborations. These events will provide fundamental prospects (or openings or breaks) for talents and their aspirations, and essentially alter the industry as we know it.

Orginal Content Networking Event

    Our goal is to bring in exceptional professionals from all realms of entertainment industry to help guide the newly emerging talent and give them the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to pursue their objectives and achieve their dreams.


    Our guest speakers’ lectures and discussions with the attendees at each event will be filmed and uploaded on the internet to spread the word and help our followers and members who weren’t able to attend. Once our popularity and followers have grown to an extent that our events are in higher demand we will host these events more frequently. Furthermore, if any of our prominent speakers prefer or are unable to network after speaking, we can arrange for private shoots, which then will be published online.