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Brandon Dean Johnson Set to Unveil a New Art Exhibition This Summer

It takes a lot of courage to pursue one’s dreams, especially in a competitive industry like entertainment and arts. However, Brandon Dean Johnson (aka BigFoot) is not only following his dreams aggressively, but he is making a difference through his talent and works.

Brandon Dean Johnson (“BigFoot”) is a complete creative and marketing machine. He is the CEO and founder of BigFooters, a start-up production, and development company for animation and live-action content. He is the creator of a youtube series called The Ratchet Raychel Show, which recently got 100% funded through Indiegogo for a pilot episode. On top of all this, Brandon has over 6+ years of animation production experience and has worked on projects associated with studios like Warner Bros, Disney, DreamWorks, and Netflix. Considering how much work he has put in over the years, Brandon himself admits that his pressure is relatively high, especially the question of “what next” for him.

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