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The 101 Hoodlin Pop-up Art Show

101 Hoodlins is an art exhibit that is themed off of Ratchet Raychel’s favorite minions “The Hoodlins”.

101 Hoodlins will be a pop up art show here in Los Angeles. The show will be themed and based off the fan favorite sidekicks of Ratchet Raychel. There will be 101 different art pieces displayed and on sell during this event. The style is based off of 90’s pop art mixed with cartoonish characteristics. All pieces will be done by Brandon Dean Johnson, creator of The Ratchet Raychel Show and The Hoodlins.

This show will be making a special contribution to Create Now. Create Now’s mission is to empower Los Angeles county’s at-risk youth through a variety of arts programs. Coming up on 25 years of remarkable service, Create Now deserves all the recognition and support from us all. Click here to find out more...



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