We seek to provide a steady flow of high-quality, original content for major outlets. This includes live content for action film, animation on all major platforms including feature films, streaming services, and television.



    T.E.C.H is a Sci-Fi drama series that focuses on the aspects of having super abilities in a country on edge. 




We are young creators willing to do what it takes to make amazing content. As a group we can do it all from live action to animation. We are continuously looking to connect with more ambitious creators like us to work with. 

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Original Content Networking Event

We want to bring our talents together so we can collectively find the best ways to produce, market, and succeed in our entertainment projects. For that reason, we are creating an event series that will allow this new generation to meet, brainstorm, create and change the industry, but it also intends to act as a networking opportunity to meet young professionals in the field and lead to future collaboration projects.


Great minds create and collaborate. Come out and meet people that could possibly change the status quo of the entertainment industry.



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Original Content Networking Event

Our goal is to bring in exceptional professionals from all realms of entertainment industry to help guide the newly emerging talent and give them the knowledge, tools and opportunities to pursue their objectives and achieve their dreams.

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